• Password Tips

    computersecurityIt’s becoming more and more important to change and vary your passwords to all the multitudes of online logins that you might be a part of.  Hackers are beginning to get the upper hand these days and if you use the same passwords for multiple accounts you could end up in trouble.  I’m the same way – I don’t vary my passwords because it was just too difficult to keep track of them all.  However, I’ve just started using a password program called LastPass to keep track of them all.

    I was hesitant to use one of these programs at first.  I didn’t think it would work that well and I was worried about the security of the program itself.  Well, I finally got fed up with the multiple passwords I was trying to remember and the fact that hacking has really been in the news lately – I thought it was pretty dumb to not vary my passwords for my bank accounts.  So I caved in and tried out Lastpass.

    I did a bit of research on the security of LastPass and although I’m not a total security expert, it seemed good enough to me.  Government grade encryption, etc.  And they don’t store the passwords on their servers.  Plus, the cross-computer compatibility was a HUGE plus for me as I use multiple computers for work.  I can now vary my passwords without worrying that I’m going to forget them all.  It is SO annoying to have to send those “reset my password” emails to yourself.  I was a little hesitant to store my bank passwords on the program at first, but I’m slowly beginning to trust it more and more.  It makes logging into multiple accounts a breeze.

    The program itself was easy to dive into, however it took a slight amount of getting used to.  I have to admit there are a lot of features that I haven’t even tapped into yet.  However, the great thing about it is that the basics of the program are quite easy to get the hang of.  We Hate Malware wrote up a great review of the LastPass program on their website and gave it rave reviews.

    I think another password program that’s a great alternative is Keepass although I haven’t tried it yet.

    Have you used anything other than the above mentioned programs?  What do you think about the state of password security in 2015?  Are you worried about hackers gaining access to your accounts?


  • Details on How Smart Tattoos May Power Wearable Computers

    smarttattooIf you have never heard of smart tattoos, you may want to take notice, since they are one of the hottest types of technology available. These tattoos were created to be able to power wearable computers in the future. The main problem with these tattoos, has been getting power to them. Through the latest research, however, it seems this problem may have been solved.

    The work of Joseph Wang, a researcher at UCSD, has found a power source for smart tattoos, without the need for external devices. With careful research, he was able to power the tattoo through the sweat produced by humans. When you sweat, your muscles release lactate, as a waste product. It is this waste product that provides the energy needed, to power the tattoo.

    To produce enough lactate to power the smart tattoo, users would have to engage in thirty minutes or more of intense activity. As you sweat, the tattoo begins to absorb the lactate being released from your body. Further research is needed, but this knowledge could lead to advances in smart tattoos, so they could one day allow people to run home computers. This would allow you to access information and software programs, using the power of your own body.

    This technology provides the smart tattoo with an on-board signal processor and communication device. Some of the cool features this technology might have would be the ability to read your mood, much like a “mood ring” by measuring bloodflow and heart rate. In the future, it is believed the tattoo will have the ability to read your thoughts and desires. Though further research is needed and will continue, it is believed the smart tattoo could eventually begin to replace many of the computing devices that are used today. It may even provide a way for you to leave your cell phone behind. It’s truly the stuff of science fiction, however these advances are being made today.

    Some opponents of the technology raise the question of whether or not this technology could be used for bad purposes. One example is the dreaded “barcode” of dystopian science fiction, where everyone is printed with a barcode that simultaneously tracks them and reads bodily functions. This is just one idea that detractors have had about the advanced tattoos. However, that’s akin to detractors of the microchip that is always making appearances on viral news. We believe that we are many, many years away from that ever being a threat, but it’s interesting to see science fiction come alive right before our eyes.

    If you are interested in learning more about smart tattoos and their impact on computing, make sure you research well. Stay tuned to technology sites that will provide the latest information on this exciting technology and how it will be used in a variety of ways, to make your life easier. Soon, you could have access to your computer, with the use of a small tattoo you simply place on your skin like a bandaid.